What Comes With Us – Kitchen Stuff Edition

I cook a lot. By that, I actually mean, A LOT. EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.  We can’t always count on the kitchen tools we have available to us at any given Airbnb rental, so we’ve prioritized space in our car for a bare-bones kitchen on-the-go. What’s listed below is even less than what we traveled with in 2016, and everything gets used multiple times per week. So, if you’re interested in absolute necessities (granted there are no plates, cups, or cutlery here, but who needs those anyway?), here you go:


Amazon links for your convenience:

Instant Pot

Scan pan

Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

Steamer Basket


Culligan Water Filter

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Travel Coffee Grinder

Travel Spice Container

Travel Food Container

Large Soft Sided Coolers

Small Soft Sided Cooler