I’m Amanda Northcutt. My husband, Travis, and son, Kyle (5), and I started traveling full-time on April 22, 2016. We lived a fairly ordinary life in Bryan, TX from 2004-2016, but our lives turned upside down in 2011 and sent us on a path we never expected, and frankly, I can’t believe we survived. Over the last 12 months we’ve started living intentionally for the first time. We sold our house of 8 years, most of our possessions, our cars, and hit the road with a new Subaru, 5 bikes, our kiddo, and not much else.

The Northcutts

We have been traveling consistently and increasingly so since 2012 and finally got tired of paying our mortgage while our house sat unused as we adventured around the US and Europe. My husband is a partner at a software and web development company so we can go anywhere with an internet connection. I “retired” from collegiate sports advertising in 2014 and I home/world/un-school our son as we travel.

We enjoy every outdoor sport you can think of and are especially into hiking, cycling, and mountain biking. Kyle is an amazing, brilliant, and funny kid. He loves travel and we love watching him grow in his empathy, kindness, adaptability, and extroversion as we expose him to new situations, places, and cultures.

We are traveling indefinitely and for once, not planning too far ahead.