Road Trip Food – This Is How We Do It

Props to the 90s enthusiasts who are now all singing Montell Jordan. Confused? Let’s move on: If we’re on the road for a 12 hour day, here’s a quick and dirty list of what we pack to eat. This is assuming we’re going to be in the middle of nowhere and restaurants are a no-go. Also, this list is the best case scenario. There’s no way I always have all of this on hand every time we drive somewhere, because I am a regular person, not superwoman, and I have a life outside of packing…sort of.  (I also pick and choose from this list to make sack lunches and pack airplane food.)


  • 3 reusable water bottles plus a gallon jug of water
  • Cans of seltzer water or club soda
  • A juice box for Kyle
  • A kombucha for me


  • 2 sandwiches each for Kyle and Travis – usually peanut butter and jelly or ham
  • pre packaged kale chips
  • pre packaged seaweed
  • pretzels or other crackers for the guys
  • Kind bars
  • a bar of dark chocolate, because it’s stressful driving with a child for 12 hours, duh
  • coconut chips
  • sweet potato chips
  • a large bag of raw vegetables: carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, radishes, and cucumbers are my staples
  • apples and bananas
  • a package of washed strawberries and/or blueberries
  • Epic Bars for me – Amazon is by far the least expensive place I’ve found these. Heads up, they are kind of gross, but AIP (auto-immune protocol) friendly.
  • Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter for Kyle
  • If I plan well, I’ll bring preheated leftovers in this amazing thermos for lunch for me
  • plantain chips if we can find them
  • gum for Kyle – this keeps his mouth busy for at least a little while
  • almonds
  • apple sauce in squeeze pouches
  • sometimes olives

Now, go somewhere!